Are you a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, a Quaker, or perhaps even a Communist? Honestly I truly don’t care which party you ascribe to, but I do have a question for you; do you really believe absolutely everything your party espouses? More than likely you do not.

And I’m just guessing but I can’t imagine there is anyone out there who is 100% in line with what their particular party thinks and/or decrees. With that being, said I often wonder how can someone vote completely within his or her party line. The two party system couldn’t be more antiquated; we might as well make lawyers and judges wear white powder wigs and curly toe shoes.

I agree with some of the issues the republicans fall under, and I also agree with what the democrats say. So how do I vote? Well I usually vote on the person irrespective of what party they happen to belong to. Or in the most recent presidential election I bury my head in the sand and say a prayer to the almighty spaghetti monster!

I have some friends that will vote their party no matter what, and you know who you are (Doug), even if they don’t like the issue and/or the politician. To me – it’s kind of like siding with the bully at school because he happens to like chocolate. Well I like chocolate so I guess I should agree with him that picking on younger, smaller children is okay. Well Bluto it’s not okay to pick on weaker people, just because your gene pool still show traces of Neanderthal DNA doesn’t give you the right! Granted this is an oversimplification of the political leanings of most Americans – but you get the picture.

If I am voting my wallet I tend to vote for the republican party of yesteryear, I’m not to sure what’s going on with the current republicans but they are certainly not the party that ol Ronny help build! And if I were to vote on a particular social issue i.e., gay marriage, I would vote with some of the democrats. Really who cares what two other people (who are hurting absolutely no one) do in their own home, condo, apartment, lean-to or appliance box. It truly has no bearing on my life, nor does it on yours! But back to the issue at hand… how can someone vote with a clear conscious on a candidate with whom they don’t agree? Is it because you don’t agree with 90% of the other candidate’s ideas? Or is it that you fall under the spell of the fear ramblings of your party’s ideology?

I think it is about time we do away with this absurd two party system and update it to fit with the current times. Perhaps we need a 17 party system so everyone feels included in his or her particular affiliation. Of course the Furby-Loving-Dolphin-Shorts-And-Jesus-Shoes-Wearing-party may not have too many members, but those that are in it will not feel left out.

Let’s take a moment and discuss the Electoral College, what the hell is this all about? Look I understand that back in the 18th century it was a good way to even out the voting process, especially for those that happen to live in a county where everyone is related. But those days are long gone and it’s time to do away with this ridiculously antiquated system. It basically means that if you are a republican living in California – your vote means nothing. That’s right Doug – nothing! I actually do feel sorry for these voters because try as they might their vote still doesn’t count. So no matter how many times you push that rock up the hill it will inevitably come rolling back down on your head.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and tell our elected officials to start working, and I don’t mean for the oil lobbyist, but for the people they represent. Politics shouldn’t be a career, it should be something you do for the short term to help people in the long term. And just like a drivers license I think there has to be some test to weed out the sub-intellectual, the inherently devious, the sexual deviants, and of course anyone who last name happens to be Bush!

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