When was the last time a sports figure such as Tim Tebow was so controversial? Does Tiger Woods, Joe Namath, Jesse Owens, or even Billy and Benny McCrary bring forth such divisive and vitriolic opinions? It seems people either really love this guy or they want nothing more than him to fail on a biblical scale (see what I did there!). The bottom line is this guy is a football player who happens to hold some deeply religious convictions. That’s it. He’s not the second coming, he’s not the anti-christ, he is a guy with alliteration in his name and perhaps, just perhaps, a song in his heart! I’m thinking it’s Jimmy Crack Corn, but I’ve been wrong before.

Why are there so many people ready and willing to jump on his bandwagon or to throw out a few spike strips to derail it? The guy is very religious and probably holds some staunch viewpoints, but really does it matter? Surprisingly I don’t think so. I may not agree with his stand on a number of issues but he doesn’t strike me as the typical hate filled evangelic religious zealot that screams and shouts until someone pays attention to them. Is he a Westboro Church Wack-A-Do? Doesn’t seem to be, but people sure want to paint him into that bat shit crazy corner.

Is praying to God so you win a football game wrong? Well okay yes it is, it’s just a football game for Yahweh’ sake! But is this a reason to chastise this guy as a modern day Dwight L. Moody? No, not really. If he wants to write bible verses on the inside of his thighs, let him. If he wants to believe that an omnipotent being has a vested interest in the Denver Broncos, fine let him run with it. How does this belief system affect our daily lives, it doesn’t. Let the guy believe what he wants, until his beliefs spill over and affect national policy, but the reality is he’s a quarterback NOT the president of these United States.

And for all of you Anti-Tebowites* (*Copyright AskAnAngryJew) whom wait with baited breath to see him fall on his face, zip it! I just don’t get what the big deal is. Do people hate him personally, hate his religion, hate the Broncos, hate the Sugar Hill Gang – what? It’s not like the guy has bombed an abortion clinic, he hasn’t knocked on any doors looking for converts, he doesn’t play annoying Banda music at volume number 12, hell as far as I know he may even loathe toe shoes as much as I! So how about we let him play football and pray to his god without putting him on a pedestal or in the oddly comfortable thorn chair of Mephistopheles.

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  1. I’m with you on this. What’s the big deal, goddamnit?! (Oops. Did I just say that out loud?)

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