You know who they are, I know who they are, hell even Kim Jong-Un knows who they are. Are they actors, musicians, Kardashians, cheese mongers or even Watermelon Helen? No. No they are not. cheeseWho are they then? Let me tell who they are and why they should be held in the highest esteem. But first let’s warm up with some jumping jacks, a few butt walks and a short list of just plain good people:

  • People that go to impoverished countries to help better the lives of the less fortunate and the downtrodden. NOT the people who try to force their silly religious viewpoint on said people.
  • Single parents who work two jobs to make sure their children understand the difference between right and wrong and the importance of education.
  • Stay at home moms who can afford anything they want but DON’T post about their lunches, their vacations, their BFF’s or anything else that is benign, trite, pedantic or braggadocios.
  • People who have debilitating health problems but don’t complain about it or use it as a crutch (crutch, he he he).
  • Teenagers who instead of trying to be cool or popular work hard to get into their college of choice. Oh and they WILL be your boss one day!rodgers
  • People who volunteer their time to help those less fortunate but DON’T post about what they did or why they did it.
  • Genuinely religious people who DON’T feel it’s necessary to tell you about their belief system(s).
  • Mr. Rogers
  • St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Burt but NOT Ernie (Ernie is a kleptomaniac, a pyromaniac, a liar and has the clap)
  • People who DON’T post how amazing, wonderful, angelic, beautiful, or touched by God their children are! They’re NOT, they are however spoiled, self-entitled little shits. And it’s ENTIRELY the parent’s fault!
  • And of course – Andy Griffith

Okay the aforementioned people aren’t necessarily better than you or I. They are, however, how most people should behave – but sadly do not! Instead of this behavior we get some slut zombie who almost hits you in the parking lot of Kroger and tells you to walk around her car because it’s her world and we are just spectators in the cheap seats. Want to guess what happened to me a few weeks ago?

Now! Here is a list of people who are better than me and most definitely better than YOU! Please research each and every one of them.

  • Witold Pileckiirene
  • Sir Nicholas Winton
  • Captain Ed Freeman
  • Chiune Sugihara
  • Irena Sendler
  • Cameron Lyle
  • Anthony Cymerys
  • Dobri Dobrev
  • Shavarsh Karapetyan
  • Jose Mujica
  • Aitzaz Hasan
  • Hideaki Akaiwa
  • Neerja Bhanot
  • John R. Fox
  • Iqbal Masih

I’m sure there are a copious amount of amazing people out there whom we have never heard of nor of the selfless deeds they have performed. And to them we all should say “Thank you, thank you, thank you”.


  1. When you are done learning about Dobri Dobrev, please take a moment to enjoy one of my finest creations, Nina Dobrev.

  2. too funny James, miss you and love reading your blogs and I can hear your voice with such slight sarcasm ;0)

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