Are you like me and are so unbelievably sick and tired of the political bickering in Washington and the rest of the country that you want to punch someone square in the face? Well believe it or not there was a time when people used to be able to have intellectual discussions regarding where one stood on a particular issue. These days though if you are on one side or another you are either branded a “liberal communist” or a “conservative neo-Nazi”, and come on people really neither one is truly applicable.

I have had it with the name-calling, the opinionated screeching voices, the knee jerk reactionist, the… oh wait, damn it now I’m name-calling! Well too bad, you people deserve it. You are either on the far left or on the far right. Where are the millions of my fellow frustrated political middle-of-the-roaders? Have we gone so far down the path that the vocal minorities of both parties now shout so loudly that no other voices can be heard? The only voices we hear above the din are the screeching opinions of people who get paid to be absurd. And absurd they are! The problem lies squarely at the feet of the people who believe the vitriolic hatred that they regurgitate.

I’m sure that I am not alone in my thinking, that there are things I agree with from the Republicans, and god forbid, I also agree with some viewpoints of the Democrats. Does this make me a pariah? No it does not, I tell you what makes me, it makes me someone who likes to think for himself. You heard me! I can’t fathom how anyone can be tied to one party. Seriously how is this possible? Are you that much of lemmings that you must follow what the talking heads tell you to believe? You know whom I speak of, the talk show pundits whose job it is to garner ratings and nothing else. That is their job you realize. Do they really believe what they espouse? I can’t imagine they do. I’ll tell you what they believe in, their bank accounts. Look, I’m not deriding them for this; they are very good at marketing themselves and fattening their wallets. But for the love of god people stop believing that they are telling you the truth. They are not. They are simply stirring the pot to sell more books, get more viewers, buy another house, buy more prescription drugs…oh you get the point!

So how about we all take a deep breath, listen to what the other side is actually saying, not what we think they are saying. Look just because an idea comes from the other party doesn’t automatically make it the work of Beelzebub. It simply is an alternate perspective, one that actually might have merit if we simply had the patience to listen. So shut your cake hole for two seconds and listen up!

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