I have just about had it with the unbelievable amount of divisiveness in this country lo these past 235 years. Democrats vs. Republicans, Rich vs. Poor, Tall vs. Short, Hairy vs. Bald, Straight vs. Gay, Dog people vs. Cat people, and of course HTML vs. CSS.  Correct me if I’m wrong, and let’s face it I’m not, but isn’t the USA (UNITED States of America in case you forgot) supposed to be the melting pot of the world? Aren’t ALL of its inhabitants immigrants from other countries? The unequivocal answer to these two basic questions is a resounding YES.

And please don’t give me that tired old argument that Native Americans are the only true non-immigrants. I have news for you Magellan; even Native Americans came here from someplace else. The birthplace of man is Africa (so we think) and the last time I checked the United State is NOT on the African Continent. You can Google it yourself if you doubt me. Perhaps your family walked across the Bering Strait, maybe they sailed for months on a smelly, scurvy laden ship, or came down from Canada eh. Hell, there is even a chance they flew a hijacked Mig jet here during the cold war. The fact is EVERYONE has ancestors that came here from someplace else.

This is why I don’t understand why some feel it necessary to label themselves as a “something-American” i.e., “Irish American”, “African-American”, “Italian-American”, “Tuvaluvian-American” or even the much-heralded “Seychellesian-American”. I am at a loss as to why people find it necessary to differentiate themselves from the rest of the populace. You obviously came to this country for a reason, and I truly do not care what that reason may be. Whether it was to make a better life for yourself, to find a better paying job, to escape persecution, to join a “Furry” club, escape being a drug mule, or even to start your own erotic bakery shop. It doesn’t matter; the point is that you came here, hopefully legally, to be an “American”, to enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities that this country offers. Mmmmmmm freedom… American chocolaty goodness.

If you want to hold onto your heritage, and really you should, please do so within the confines of your home, your lean-to, your bomb shelter, hell even at the local crack house if that’s where you live. The bottom line is you are an “American” first and foremost. The wide array of different heritages and backgrounds coming together as one is what makes us a great country, NOT trying to separate ourselves into small bands of people from whence we came.

It isn’t discrimination to expect those who come here to understand our language, to learn our laws, and to behave in a manner that is commiserate with the moral turpitude of the country at large. I’m NOT saying you have to change your religion, you shouldn’t, nor do you have to wear a bedazzled American flag on the back of your Members Only jacket, and you sure as hell don’t have to give up your native language. But please do not expect this country to accommodate you with a plethora of alternate language interpretations on our street signs, DMV tests, loan documents, 31 flavors blackboard, Waffle-House menu, or at the Quick-E-Mart.

Our national language is English (sort of), our national symbol is the bald eagle, and our most popular past time is drinking. Look, we may be obese, we may be arrogant, we may in fact have horrible health care, but the fact remains that this is simply the best country in the world. Be proud of it, and be proud of being an AMERICAN!

If you aren’t you have the freedom to leave!


  1. I get tired of this argument. Essentially, its about people trying tell other people how to identify themselves, in order to feel more comfortable. Are we really that controlling? If you really want to get down to brass tacks, the fact that people from the U.S. call themselves American is sometimes called into question by people from other countries (mostly European countries) since there are two continents that make up the Americas.

    • Well it sounds ridiculous to call oneself a “United Statesian”. I will accept that argument only from people who live elsewhere in N. or S. America. Europeans can go kick rocks. Besides, what about people calling themselves “Asians”? Aren’t Russians “Asians”? Nobody seems to have a problem making the distinction there.

    • So we should call ourselves United Statesers?

      Our country is the United States of America, not just the United States. It’s natural for us to call ourselves Amricans. Those who complain about our self-identification as Americans are just looking for something to complain about.

  2. Yes Angry Jew – the government controlled media is a psy ops tool used as a distraction from real issues such as the criminal financial rape by the Federal Reserve of the American people.

    Divide and Conquer is the goal. But enough people are awakening to the scam that we will soon be at critical mass to make a change.

  3. even the jews were divided though, im not trying to preach or nothing but there were the “ESSENES” “SADDUCEES” and “PHARISEES” so even the damn jews were divided. The problem now is our country is selling technology to other countries for their wars while we use our media as a cover up on American eyes. a friend of mine worked for a company called Raytheon right here near greenville texas loading pallets worth millions in drone technology to Arabs. He was soon fired. but right here in Texas we do this. the point exactly is why? but more importantly how many have already become brainwashed by CNN and Fox news?? the FEW and the proud are not so proud anymore. AND now so MANY have become too proud.

  4. To Angry Owl: “Essentially, its about people trying tell other people how to identify themselves”, “people from the U.S. call themselves American is sometimes called into question by people from other countries (mostly European countries) since there are two continents that make up the Americas.”
    So if we tell people to identify as Americans that’s controlling, but if Europe tells us not to identify as American isn’t that also controlling?

  5. All tribal pride and cultural superiority is a load of crap.
    Americans are great people precisely because we have NO CULTURE!
    We dont carry around all the ages-old baggage telling us that we have to dance on the left foot and talk backwards while playing a mandolin because this is the way our superior ancestors did it and thats the only proper way to do it>

    Yes. If your culturally superior way of preparing noodles tastes good, heck, us Americans will luv it!…..but dont expect us to create a whole philosophy of life built around somethin that tastes good.
    Same thing applies to your music, to the funny words that come out of your mouth. We’ll adopt those things too and turn it into American English!
    Just like the way the Indins, Native Americans, who were here when my ancestors got here. Play by our AMERICAN rules……and you’re in! We treat each other with mutual respect, we value our PERSONSAL freedoms, we have tribal associations, but when it comes down to a fight, we;re all American.

  6. “It doesn’t matter; the point is that you came here, hopefully legally, to be an ‘American,’ to enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities that this country offers.” Aye, there’s the rub, don’t you see? That’s the way it once was but not the way it is now.

    People can now become permanent residents and American citizens (or Americans, if you will, with an “s”) without becoming American — an adjective, not a noun, given that the word “American” isn’t preceded by an article. You can live in or on this land for your entire life without ever becoming a part of it. To be American you have to be part of the land, part of the country; America has to be IN you, not just you IN or ON it. If you can leave the United States without taking a piece of America with you when you leave, you’re not American. If America is not less when you’re gone, you’re not American.

    Entirely too many people come to America without coming to BE American. Regardless of how long they intend to stay, they intend to be visitors the entire time they’re here. They may plan to live here the rest of their lives, but they don’t intend or want to be American. (I’ve lived next door to such people.) They may even become citizens, but that won’t make them American — not unless that’s what they choose to be. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the Hyphenates choose not to be American — and use that hyphen to announce their choice.

    They may want to become citizens; they may want to vote; they may want (or expect or intend) to live here the rest of their lives; they may want to get all of the benefits of being AN American — but that doesn’t mean they want to BE American. Nor does it mean that they want their children to be American either. Some actually bring up their children to think of themselves as other than American.

    To BE American, you have to want to GIVE to America, not just TAKE. You have to contribute to America and Americans to be American. Too many who have come for lo these many years have come only to be takers, not to be givers. Their loyalties lie elsewhere — for many, with a country they’ve never even been to, much less lived in. That’s one of the reasons we have the Hyphenates. Some Hyphenates want to be American, sure, maybe even most. But not all, not by a long shot.

    Perhaps a good symbolic gesture to show that you want to be American would be to eat some dirt, literally. Oh, all right: start by showing that you want to be American by making sure you’re in the country legally.

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