Ahhh the medical community, here is a subject that strikes at the very core of my being. Why you ask? Well unfortunately my wife has had to see a lot of specialists the last few years. And much to our chagrin this has given us a peak behind the curtain that is the Wizard of Oz for the medical community. What lurks behind that curtain is a very ugly and disdainful secret. Let me just say that while I may be jaded to the core of my black little coal of a heart, my wife is the sweetest, nicest, most caring person I have ever met (not to mention one hot tamale!). If anyone doesn’t deserve to have a serious illness it is her, hmmmm future article “God hates nice people”. Anyway, the reason I mention this is so that you understand that the point of my perspective is not just from the Angry Jew, it also comes from the purity of my little McWop!

To begin, I must say this as straightforward as possible, I FUCKING HATE THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY! I believe that the main purpose of MOST of the medical community is to not get sued, plain and simple. They will do whatever they have to do to cover their lying Hippocratic oath taking asses. I know that there are practitioners out there who actually do care, and do try to do the right thing when it comes to their patients. But why does the profession create a climate that is rife with hacks, god complex dill holes, never look you in the eye crotchety old men, and the ever popular Mr. I’m not listening to you because I can’t wait to go bang my loser of a secretary who I bought balloon boobs for!

In our many, many, many trips to see a plethora of doctors I can’t tell you how many times they have absolutely NOT paid attention to what my wife was saying. I have found that most, not all, doctors have a tendency to not listen to what women have to say. They tend to think that they are either making up their illness, it is a psychological problem, or, and this one KILLS ME, “it’s Fibromyalgia”! I swear if I hear that prognosis one more time I will lose it and put that doctor in the hospital so they realize what a horrible place it is to be as a patient. I’m sure there is a particular level of hell reserved for them right next to pedophiles, animal abusers, cannibals, and people who scam the elderly.

If you are unfamiliar with this diagnosis I will briefly explain to you the symptoms; body pain, tiredness, and lack of energy. Yup, that’s it, does it seem plausible that perhaps, just perhaps, these symptoms could fall under oh I don’t know 30,374 other diseases. Oh and did I mention there is no test to prove it, no blood analysis, absolutely NOTHING to say for sure that you may actually have it. It is nothing more than a made up disease for doctors who are either too stupid or too lazy to come to a real prognosis of what may be ailing you. Yes you heard me  “THERE IS NO TEST”. So, if I was a doctor I could just make up a disease that has a Latin derivative and say “Mrs. Smith you have a bad case of “Desidiosus”. Sounds serious doesn’t it, in fact Desidiosus is Latin for “Lazy”. See how easy that is, that is basically the scam the medical community is perpetrating on thousand upon thousands of unsuspecting women.

An example of one of our doctors who out and out lied to us is a particular neurosurgeon who never explained any of the pre-surgery problems that could arise, never offered any alternative surgical options, and worst of all told us that the tumor had shrunk by 60% after the radiation. WHICH IT DID NOT!!! This asshole actually told us that, can you believe it? I still can’t. Not only that but this fecal spewing waste of human flesh made my wife feel bad about bringing up the post surgery problems she was experiencing. And then proceeded to tell us there was “no possible way” that her symptoms were related to the tumor. Yeah what are the odds that she was having brain swelling after brain surgery! So after joining an on-line forum of people, who have her type of tumor we have come to find out that most, if not all, of the people suffered the EXACT same problems post-surgery. GOD, I HATE THIS GUY!!!!! I would love the opportunity to perform brain surgery on him with a rusty hacksaw, an Ebola bacteria encrusted drill bit, and an ice scream scooper I found in the trash. And after the surgery tell him after the fact that any symptoms he MAY be feeling couldn’t possibly be related to my surgery. He is either making it up or he has another ailment!

If you ever, and I hope you never do, need to find a neurosurgeon please contact me and I will let you know whom NOT to see. If you are experiencing any type of medical problem do not allow the doctors to tell you something you know to not be true. They are not Gods; don’t treat them with any sense of awe. They are working for you; make sure they do their jobs. If they can’t or won’t do what you are paying them to do – find someone who will!

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