Freedom of speech is THE major tenant of modern democracy that pundits on both sides of the aisle like to roll out when they wish to be caustic, smarmy, pithy and mostly childish. Oh don’t worry this irony is not missed on me, BUT I’M DIFFERENT!

Freedom of speech is a basic right of all American citizens; it should be a right of everyone in the world but what with homicidal dictators and all… Everyone loves to exercise individual freedom of speech whenever and wherever possible. I have no problem with this, unless of course it’s a member of the Westboro Church, they should have all rights revoked for being such world-class assholes.

When it comes to politics and freedom of speech people tend to NOT talk about policy, laws, amendments, ballots, or why the hell Pizza Hut makes a hot dog filled crust pizza! No, when people talk about politics these days they do nothing but rant about the opposing political party of choice. They do this with name calling, decades old arguments, sweeping generalizations, flat out lies and stale rhetoric that is so over used its like a $2 dollar whore offering a ½ off lunch meal deal!

I don’t really have a problem with Ted Nugent’s political viewpoints; they don’t affect my life one-way or the other. What I do have a problem with are his increasingly violent diatribes against politicians and the President of the United States. The first one that rubbed my fur the wrong way was against Hillary Clinton, and I quote:

“You probably can’t use the term `toxic cunt’ in your magazine, but that’s what she is. Her very existence insults the spirit of individualism in this country. This bitch is nothing but a two-bit whore for Fidel Castro.”

I’m not so sure Hillary is whoring for Fidel Castro; maybe there are parties at the highest level of government that most Americans don’t know about, where political leaders of different countries have strange alcohol infused Twister and Baby Oil orgies. But I doubt it.  Look Ted, if you don’t like her politics fine, address those issues but it’s hard to take you seriously with the vitriolic high school name-calling.

The next, and more damning, statement our intrepid wanker spewed forth was in regards to President Obama and his re-election campaign. And I quote AGAIN:

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Threatening the President is a sure sign of a diseased mind, and old Ted should be doing some serious jail time for this little indiscretion. Yes, yes I know he said it wasn’t a threat, but that’s like saying “The color blue is NOT a primary color”. You can say it all you want but that doesn’t make it true!

So Ted how about you keep your old man mouth shut and live out the privileged life of an over the hill musician. You should be happy living in this country, you know the country you didn’t protect when you avoided the Vietnam draft. How about you quit flapping your gums about how horrible the President is as a person and think about your kids you went to court in order to avoid paying child support. And while we are talking about children you abandoned, what happened to Pele Massa? You know the 17-year-old girl whose parents you had sign a legal document making you her legal guardian so you could “marry” her. Mr. Kettle meet Mr. Black.


  1. While incarcerated for such insinuations, the Motor City Motor Mouth’s big, hairy cellmate will be eyeing him like Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. Yee-haw! Ride ’em, cowboy!

  2. I don’t get it. So you do or do not like Ted Nugent? How about other people who aren’t Ted Nugent? P.S. Huh huh, hot dog filled crust.

  3. So you like his music….fever , scratchIng…cats?

  4. Mmmmmmmmm……. Baby oil-and hot dog crust.

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