With the upcoming 2012 election process kicking into high gear (can’t you hear the typical name calling already starting) one of the loudest rallying cries we have been hearing lately is “tax the rich”. Usually we hear this from out of work, haven’t combed my hair this month, I missed out on the 60’s – protestors. Oddly enough there are some liars in government that are also latching onto this mantra, but I’m not too sure they actually believe it. What with them being the rich 1% upon whom they talk about raising taxes. “They can afford to pay more”, the basic tenant of why we should raise taxes on the rich and super rich, but does this simplistic algorithm actually make sense? Read on and find out!

The rich, for the most part, are NOT the trust fund babies “get me my Dodo fur lined slippers” we all think they are. Of course those types are out there (Petra Ecclestone) but most rich people have worked very hard to get where they are in life. They haven’t been sitting on the beach discussing cryptic Quatrains and silly Mayan end of day’s predictions. And you can bet your ass you won’t see them milling about a body odor encrusted tent city protesting… wait what the hell are they protesting?

Why is it that these Lola granolas believe we should punish those who are successful and hard working by forcing them to pay more than everyone else? Sorry it just doesn’t make sense by any stretch of their toad licking imaginations. Look, I’m not saying they shouldn’t pay their fair share of taxes, but it should ONLY be their FAIR share; not any more or any less than the rest of us have to pay. I have an equitable solution – how about if EVERYONE pays the exact same amount? Level the playing field as it were. It shouldn’t matter if you make $20K or $20 million a year, everyone should pay… oh let’s say 15% of their income. If everyone in this country paid 15% of their income we would be in a MUCH better fiscal state. Both the democrats and republicans are at fault, BOTH parties have taken advantage of their positions and used it for personal gain, family money channeling, and party escalation. Absolutely NOTHING to actually help this country get back to being fiscally sound.

If you are not comfortable with a level flat tax for everyone because it doesn’t count in the millions of illegal aliens, okay fine I understand. How about we tax every single item we buy, from milk to cars, from gum to cheese, and of course from fake 19th century mustaches to rave glow sticks! That way no matter who you are or how much you make, EVERYONE ends up paying a fair share. Not only that, but the rich and super-rich will end up paying more since they tend to buy more expensive items e.g., a Bugatti, a diamond encrusted iPhone, Rap Mogul sized jewelry, and of course multiple divorce settlements.

Perhaps instead of the under-educated wannabe hippies protesting capitalism (boobs!) maybe it makes more sense for them to get a job and pay back their student loans. Sorry Sunshine but it’s a loan NOT a handout! If you want a handout you first need to pay into the system and if you make it to 65 you can receive your Social Security check like the rest of us. As a side note, I also have an idea for Welfare, which is entitlement gone awry in the worst way! Here’s what we should do as a nation; your first year on Welfare is about job training, you will get trained in your job of choice for one year (oh and there WILL be a test you have to pass). Your second year you will get help finding a job in said field, after that you are done! No more free lunch, get off your ever-expanding derriere and work hard like the rest of us!

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