Disclaimer: Don’t get your panties in a wad; I’m just trying to understand why some people are such colossal hypocrites.

jesusJesus Christ. The lord and savior of millions of Christians the world over seems, to me, like he was a good guy. I’m not going to get into the whole was he the son of god or wasn’t he thing, let’s just assume he was real and he was a good person. He toured (“JC Tour 1BC” tee shirts are still available but going fast) around the Middle East preaching tolerance, love, compassion and understanding (love that song). To me these concepts seem like really good ideals to be putting forth in a world filled with heartache and pain. Although I do imagine it must have been really difficult for him to get his message across what with him being the ONLY white guy in the region…

After a while he started getting some traction on his philosophy, good for him! Just a quick side note: do you think they called them “Jesus sandals” back then? Just wondering. Of course preaching these concepts is VERY different than actually living them, just ask Ted Haggard, Jim Baker, John Geoghan, Paul R. Shanley, Bernard Law or Jim Swaggart.jesus_sandals

Smash cut to ~2000 years after his death and what do we find? A MUCH faster, much smaller world that is filled with millions upon millions of his fans that say they are following his teachings, but aren’t. Seems like things should be SOOOOO much better now that we have such an abundance of like-minded, tolerant compassionate people. Well as it turns out people don’t really follow his teachings, no they do not. But do you know what they do? They use Jesus and the bible as the tip of their skewed moral spear to force other people to believe their perverted viewpoint(s). It’s sad, but it’s true.

philMany, many, MANY Christians today are so caught up in picking and choosing which biblical passages to follow and which ones to ignore that they have completely lost track of what the message actually is. You know who they are; you hear them EVERY single day! They complain about you saying “Happy Holidays” and not “Merry Christmas”. They shout to the world how they stand by a redneck because he hates gay people and black civil rights. They get upset that they don’t see enough nativity scenes in Christmas decorations. They say Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season and then post pictures of their Christmas tree overflowing with presents.

Perhaps instead of complaining about ALL of these trivialities they should be following the teaching of Jesus. You know helping the downtrodden, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor. Do you know who WOULDN’T care one iota about the aforementioned complaints? Jesus Christ. Do you think he would be posting on Facebook about hate, bigotry or showing off what he has, who his dad is, the fact that he can walk on water or where he is vacationing? No he would not. He would be helping people instead of bitch slapping them with a bible.

These are not true Christians; they absolutely DO NOT follow the teachings of their lord. They pick and choose what biblical versus to believe and which ones they aren’t in the mood to follow. Once again – sad.

With all that being said I would like to give respect to the millions of true believers who try to do the right thing. The people who don’t preach hatred or judge other people’s lifestyles or belief systems, they are out there but we don’t hear about them because they aren’t the shouting vocal minority of smorgasbord Christians. And to them I say “thank you”. Thank you for being a good person. Thank you for understanding that not everyone believes as you, and you are okay with that. Thank you for actually listening to Jesus’ message and NOT twisting the bible to meet with your particular brand of hatred. To these true Christians I say Toda Raba and Hakol Tov!



“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Two things:
    1) Why does that bigot Phil Robertson try to look like me with a bad haircut and a sweat-stank bandana? I wouldn’t wipe my ass with him.
    2) You’ve forgotten one of the best things about Jesus. He’s awesome at the company Christmas party. After all, he can turn water into wine.

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