A large number of people these days think being skinny is preferable to being healthy, wrong, wrong, wrong, and completely visually repugnant. The type of skinny I am speaking of is thin because of not eating, doing drugs, following a Coco Puff diet, throat punching and/or daily purging. There is no semblance of muscle tone whatsoever, so disgusting. It’s like a melted marshmallow wrapped around a broken toothpick; you can literally touch your fingers together when you squeeze their arms. Uh oh, I just regurgitated a little.

I have a novel and CRAZY idea; instead of not eating and not doing anything that resembles athletic activity – try getting into shape. Being skinny does NOT mean you are in shape, attractive or in anyway desirable. And more than likely there is probably some weird sour smell like teenage sweat. Yup, just hurled a little bit more.

Another glaring problem these people, mostly women, have is that even though they can fit into a size 0 pant suit they still have cottage cheese legs. BLEH! And if you have the stomach for it, check out how flabby and vomit inducing their butts are. Since there is no muscle tone, if they have a butt at all it just hangs there like two water balloons stapled to a fence. And honestly I’m not sure which is worse, water balloon ass or the stomach churning “wall ass”. You know wall ass – where someone can lean up against a wall and their shoulder blades make contact before their ass does. Oh uh, not feeling so good…

Women should be curvy and with muscle tone in all the right places. Women should NOT have the bodies of an 11-year-old boy. Sorry but that is NOT sexy by any stretch of the imagination. So Mr. Faux Hawk, Ed Hardy Wearing, Flavor Savor, Tribal Tattoo, White Sunglass Wearing Log Muffin, if you find that desirable perhaps you should speak with a therapist about having physical desires towards prepubescent boy bodies!

A diet consisting of cocaine and cigarettes makes for a disgusting body that only a toothless meth-mother could love. Any normal guy
(should) find this body type repugnant and not worthy of a look let alone wasting any time with this “I’m repressing unwanted attention from my “uncle”” walking bag of bones. If you need a woman to hold up as a beautiful aesthetic try looking at some pictures of Bettie Page. Mmmmmmm Bettie Page…

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