As I’m sure each and every one of you has an opinion on the recent (well it was recent when I started writing this) court decisions regarding the police and those individuals resisting arrest. Well, surprisingly so do I. If you don’t like logical well thought out explanations stop reading lest you get your big girl panties in a knot.

billy_clubFirst off, can we all agree that both guys were in fact resisting arrest? They were. Can we also agree that both of these “gentlemen” were rather large and imposing human beings? Yes, we can. Additionally, let’s also agree that both of them had many priors and were well known to their local police departments. They were. With that being said, did they deserve to die? I’m not 100% sure on this one. But if you resist arrest you are spinning the death wheel of destiny and sometimes it lands on “billy club to the head.”

If I were one of these police officers and a 6:5, 300 lbs. man starts charging me, I am absolutely going to empty my gun into his torso. Oh you bet your “I just peed myself” ass I am! I realize the guy in New York did not charge the police officers; he did in fact resist arrest though. jitterbug
Why is it so difficult to do what the police are telling you to do? Put your hands behind your back, done. Spread your legs, done. Sing “Season in the Sun”, odd, but okay. Do the Jitterbug, wait, what is happening. Put on this duck suit and sell tickets to the Policemen’s ball, what the hell???

If you watch the video you will see it took 4-5 policemen to take down the guy in New York, does the media say word one about this fact? Nope they sure don’t. What do they focus on? The fact that you can hear him saying, “I can’t breath”, well guess what – if you can talk – you can breathe!!!eric_garner

Can anyone give me a logical reason why people are protesting (and by protesting I actually mean “rioting”) either one of these cases?

Here are three simple rules on how to NOT get killed by the police:

  • Don’t be a criminal
  • Don’t resist arrest
  • Don’t be a dick

Yes, that’s it, three simple things to remember when you are committing a crime and get caught by the police.

Are there racists on the police force? Of course there are! There are racists in every segment of society, so logically there are a percentage of cops who are racists. But let’s not assume the police, as a whole, are inherently racist. They’re not. That would be the same as saying all black people are raging racists because Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson and Jar Jar Binks are. Or that all southerners are raging anti-Semites because Jimmy Carter hates Jewish people.The_Great_Gazoo

Police are, however, the folks that have to deal with scumbag criminals every single day. And I’m not talking about low-grade criminals who littered, jay walked, stole a candy bar or wore toe-shoes in public. Nope. I’m talking about gang members, cat burglars, rapists, pedophiles, and of course the career criminal that is Kazoo. Stupid Kazoo and his ridiculous helmet, oh dumb dumb.

So how about we start putting the blame on the individuals who deserve it, the criminals. If you don’t like being profiled STOP COMMITING CRIMES! I have no problem with racial profiling, I really don’t. orange_teensTrust me, cops are going to be wary of any person who looks like a thug. They don’t care if you’re black, white, brown or the newly discovered sub-species of human – orange. You look silly, stop with the fake tanning it looks gross and probably smells like old pee and kimchi.



  1. I thought profiling was a natural God given defense mechanism. It’s a natural response to anything weather it’s a man looking at a beautiful woman or a stranger with a hoodie on a dark street. It’s a natural response—we all profile!!!

  2. Not even offensive. I suggest sending out a nest of giants and have them club all perpetrators like a rookery of helpless seals!

  3. Be careful using the “thug” word, some people are saying that’s new code for the n-word.

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