1. Why is your face so big?
  2. Do you call them Jesus sandals too?
  3. Do you have to use deodorant?
  4. Were mosquitos a mistake?
  5. Why did you allow Toe Shoes to happen?
  6. Is it true you are taking tap dance classes?
  7. Did I see you on the streets of Huntington Beach?
  8. Do you love Tom Waits more than the rest of us?
  9. Can you get YOUR sea monkeys to live more than one day?
  10. Can I be your second in command?
  11. Do you love bread as much as I do?
  12. Who does your laundry?
  13. Is Bettie Page your wife now?
  14. Do you have the iPhone 12 already?
  15. Do you ALWAYS win at Jeopardy
  16. What are the winning lotto numbers?
  17. Why are you so mean?
  18. Does water from Mexico give you the runs?
  19. Who cuts your hair
  20. Do you have a pet?
  21. Why do you wear clothes?
  22. As you age do you have to cut down on carbs too?
  23. Who is your cable provider?
  24. Celine Dion – REALLY?!
  25. Do you laugh when people give you credit for good things, but don’t blame you for the bad?
  26. Auschwitz. Where the fuck were you?

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