Bedazzled UggsRead ANY article online these days and inevitably you will see the overabundance of comments about Obama, the republicans, the tea party, and of course viral cat videos. The people who leave these comments do so with the forethought that they are completely unrelated to the accompanying article. Their viewpoint(s) are so unbelievably narrow that if an electron laser were to cut a human hair into thirds it would still be wider than their entire thought processes!

It seems that these people are so focused on slamming a political party that they simply don’t care what report they are responding to. It could be an article about the mating habits of the rare Texas Tree Giraffes, and these buffoons would make it about how bad Obama is as a President. They will make fun of him, his ethnicity, his wife, his love of all things cheese, or even his children and their bedazzled UGG’s but not one word about his policies. And before you cry into your democratic mint julep, it also happened when Bush was in office. Why I do believe I have the vapors!

Rove RappingWhat is wrong with these people? Why can’t they go to… oh I don’t know a POLITICAL web site and wax on about which party they hate? They thrive on repeating absurd catch phrases that they picked up on their political talking head show of choice. They then parrot these moronic phrases back trying desperately to boost their bicycle helmet wearing IQ’s. And to top things off, instead of actually saying anything that has to do with a particular policy, law, bill or Karl Rove gangsta rap, they resort to playground name calling (irony noted) utilizing poor grammar!

Here is a list of annoying text-speak, made up words, political catch phrases and overall proof of idiocy (horribly misused grammar left in place for your enjoyment):

  • Did you forget to take ur meds?
  • Obummer has….
  • Another Obamabot moron who…
  • …drank too much of the Kool-Aid
  • The hypocrisy of Libtards is mind boggling
  • …you are a repthug
  • Republocrats
  • Dumbocrat

These dullards like to lecture others on their supposed lack of political knowledge, all the while clearly demonstrating their own flat line electroencephalograph. They LOVE to make over the top generalizations about other people’s political party of choice, while completely ignoring the facts, missteps, mistakes, and slimy disposition of their own party.

As I have stated many, many times before BOTH parties are corrupt, both parties are criminal, and neither party has a position of moral high ground or any semblance of altruism. Politicians are simply out to make money for themselves and their friends. THAT’S IT. If you believe anything else you are applying the “Ostrich Algorithm” to your own political viewpoint.

I’m the Angry Jew and I approve this message.


  1. might I suggest “The Whites Of West Virginia” for your viewing pleasure…………. you will then be able to put a face “these people”!

    Do you know what the original cure for “the vapors” was?
    since it was predominately females that suffered “the vapors”, I guess it made sense that the males would blow cigar smoke up the sufferer’s ass! Go figure………..

  2. Mmmm. Ostrich eggs are yummy.

  3. Thank god for the Internet. We get to read more from the fringe.

  4. I think this may be my new favorite blog. I agree with you wholeheartedly! For some people, everything is about us vs. them, no matter what the subject. Is ANNOYING!

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