If you are like me, and let’s face it – you aren’t, if you watch the show “Cops” you cheer for the police to either beat the living hell out of and/or shoot whomever it maybe that they are chasing. Police officers have one of the toughest jobs on the planet, save perhaps the clean up crew at Chernobyl. The police are on the streets day in and day out upholding the laws of the land, even if they may not agree with all of them. They do this job knowing full well that there is a chance they will not come home on any given day of work. Most of us cannot say the same thing. I cannot say this, oh sure I might develop a nasty case of carpal tunnel syndrome, or perhaps I might get a really bad cramp in my shoulders. Granted one time I had a hang nail that really hurt whenever I hit the “Z” key. But other than that I truly don’t have to worry about my keyboard freaking out on angel dust and attacking me with a Phillips head screwdriver.

I think the laws in this country are not nearly tough enough on criminals, and no Sally, I’m not referring to someone who lifted a candy bar at the local Quick-E-Mart, or the kid selling some pot out of his dorm room. No, I am referring to the dregs of society, i.e., rapists, murderers, child abductors, cruelty to animals, the producers who green lighted the mind-numbing reality TV shows, doctors who blatantly lie to you, and perhaps people who wear socks with sandals or thongs! But seriously if we started putting people into real prisons where they actually have to break big rocks into small ones, work a chain gang in an Alabama summer, or have a few appendages removed, I think we would see a massive decrease in crime.

And yes I do have some ideas on this subject. For instance;

  • If you run from the cops it should be an automatic 5 year jail sentence
  • If you run from the cops in a car it should be an automatic 10 years in the big house.

Watch how quickly people stop running from the police. And to top it off I also think the police should have carte blanche if they catch you. Let’s say you are a street thug who car jacks an innocent person. And then you proceed to get into a car chase with the police and are caught. The cops should be allowed to beat you to a bloody pulp even your mother wouldn’t recognize, and if you are hurt or crippled TOO BAD! You put a lot of people’s lives in danger so screw you, you get what’s coming to you. Perhaps that’s what John Lennon meant by instant karma!

I think if you are convicted of rape you should lose your genitals in the most gruesome of ways. For instance, the authorities should strap you on a table with rusty barbed wire, (oh and if the victim wants to participate great – if not fine), you should then have your dick clipped off with old crusty nail clippers. If you survive, and I don’t really care if you do, you should now serve 20 years in prison with the new name of “Bambi”. If you have taken a life I think the same thing should happen to you, but slowly and with the forethought of extreme malice. How about being beaten daily with a fiberglass-laden bat, encrusted with dull x-acto blades, and then quickly followed up with a nice bath in lemon juice. Once again, watch how fast crime drops in this country.

The ridiculous defense of “temporary insanity” really pisses me off! If we are going to allow this defense to be used then I think you should serve the rest of your life in an insane asylum with the most whacked out people we have. The word “temporary” will soon leave you and you will fit in perfectly with the rest of the nut jobs. I guarantee this defense will soon be as scarce as any semblance of morality in KKK members. And if you really are temporarily insane what’s not to say it won’t happen again, so to help the ever increasing and shallow gene pool, it’s probably best to remove your DNA completely from the population.

The police have a job that is tough enough to begin with, but can you imagine how frustrating it must be to see the same low life scumbag you just arrested last night out of jail the very next day. Now while I understand that there are some rouge elements on the police force that would over step their boundaries if my level of justice were ever to be implemented.  With proper oversight and video technology we could keep it to a minimum. And wouldn’t you want to watch the next episode of “COPS kicking some criminal ASS”!

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