1. I Never Asked For This” – Waaaaa I don’t want super hero abilities.
  2. Stay Alive, I Will Find You” – Um, you’re talking to me right now.
  3. One Man…”  – Yes, yes we get it– he’s a loner on the edge.
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOO” – Let me guess your friend was just shot and you have so much anger you have to shout to the world.
  5. We’ll Find You!”, “Not if I Find You First!”  – Of course YOU can take on the ENTIRE agency.
  6. This is my Last Chance” – It’s always the LAST shot for an almost over the hill ______ fill in the blank.
  7. Let’s Do This”  – You mean the last ½ hour preparatory montage means we’re going to do something?
  8. They’re taking out our old team”  – How is it that the BEST team that ever existed is always getting picked off one-by-one?
  9. The best of the best of the best” – See #8
  10. Who are you?” – “It Doesn’t Matter” – Oh COME ON no one is that altruistic.
  11. We have a situation” – Thank you, we never would have guessed that from the blown up building!
  12. It’s Quiet – Too Quiet” – What is the decibel difference between these two?
  13. That’s SO Crazy it Might Just Work”  – Of course the MOST ridiculous plan ALWAYS works.
  14. I Have a Bad Feeling About This” – 153 guns pointed at us, why the bad feeling?
  15. Why are you Doing this?” – Because I’m the antagonist – DUH!
  16. We’ve Got Company” – Just pray it’s NOT the Braxtons!
  17. I Was Born Ready”  – No. You were born small and sticky.
  18. You Have No Idea What I’m Capable Of” – Obviously NOT capable of an original line!
  19. This Can’t Get Worse”  – You mean like this movie!


  1. What about “I f***** guys like you in prison”- said to P. Swayze in Roadhouse? I didn’t see it here and it felt like something was missing.

  2. Don’t forget “Oh, God…”
    I never get a moment’s rest.

  3. Say hello to my little friend? Surely someone has used that to introduce you.

  4. how about
    “we wait.”

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