Top Five Overrated Bands

  1. The Beatles – Yes they had a few good songs, that’s it!
  2. Rush – If I hear “Neal Pert is the best drummer ever” one more time I’m going to go on a trebuchet rampage!
  3. The Velvet Underground – Meh.
  4. Grateful Dead – Unless you are completely wacked out on acid there is absolutely nothing good about this band,
  5. The Sex Pistols – Can’t play, can’t sing, can’t band.

Top Five Overrated Artists

  1. Andy Warhol – No talent hack.Roy_Lichtenstein
  2. Jackson Pollock – Oh look, splattered paint.
  3. Roy Lichtenstein – Just a cartoonist.
  4. Paul Klee – Mmmm simple shapes (okay I actually do a like a few of his pieces).
  5. Albrecht Durer – Just kidding, love this guy.

Top Five Overrated Movies

  1. Titanic – Damn it Rose there IS plenty of room on the raft!
  2. A Hard Day’s Night – A boring day’s movie.
  3. Annie Hall – A movie starring a nervous pedophile.
  4. Tommy – I have no words for just how bad this piece of crap is.tommy
  5. It’s a Wonderful Life – Stutter much.

Top Five Overrated Comedians

  1. Lenny Bruce – Using foul language words does NOT a comedian make.
  2. Mitch Hedberg – Dry and COMPLETELY uninspired one-liners.
  3. Dane Cook – Still waiting for something funny.
  4. Martin Short – Annoying, annoying, annoying, ANNOYING!
  5. Chevy Chase – Name ONE funny thing he has EVER

Top Five Overrated Writers

  1. Shakespeare – O woeful prose how boring art thou?
  2. Stan Lee – Really, how hard is it to come up with superheroes?
  3. Jack Kerouac – Oh look I’m driving…
  4. Allen Ginsberg – Yes, yes, we all went to college.
  5. CapN-Crunch – Have you read any of his white supremacist newsletters?capncrunch

Top Five Overrated Colors

  1. Goldenrod – We’re all thinking the same thing!
  2. Potentially Purple – Potentially the worst one on the list.
  3. Bagel – Again with the anti-Semitism.
  4. Grandma’s Sweater – I guess it is better than Bill Cosby’s.
  5. Lemon Zest – Shut up and get back in the kitchen!

Top Five Overrated TV Shows

  1. Two and a Half Men – Wasn’t funny before, isn’t funny now.
  2. I Love Lucy – Horrifically unfunny, the ONLY good thing about this show was their wardrobe.
  3. The Honeymooners – Unless you think domestic violence is funny this show is just terrible.
  4. Big Bang Theory – I think the writers have a collective IQ of 23.254.
  5. Kardashian Anything – Self-explanatory.

Top Five Overrated Body Parts

  1. Elbow Skin – We all know what it looks like.elbow
  2. Pinky Toes – Really, what do they actually do except run all the way home.
  3. Men’s Nipples – Superfluous and silly.
  4. Ear Lobes – There is no reason for them to be.
  5. Nose Hair – I know they perform an actual function, but damn!

Top Three Overrated Political Parties

  1. Republicans – Boobs.
  2. Democrats – Incompetents.
  3. Tea Party – Incompetents and Boobs.

Top Five Overrated Vegetables

  1. Cauliflower – Tastes like butt.Cauliflower
  2. Kale – Tastes like dirt.
  3. Cooked Spinach – Tastes like rot.
  4. Turnip – Why is this?
  5. Celery – Only works in a Bloody Mary.

Top Five Overrated Fruit

  1. Yeah, they’re mostly all good.

Top Five Overrated Websites

  1. Facebook – Hey everyone, look at my fabulous fake life.
  2. Twitter – 140 characters that say absolutely nothing.
  3. Wikipedia – Need fake facts, here you go.
  4. LinkedIn – Has this site EVER helped anyone?
  5. Reddit – Wishes it were Imgur.

Top Five Overrated Medical Proceduresbutt_injections

  1. Butt Injections – Just why, WHY!!!!!!
  2. Botox – Frozen sad face says what?
  3. Liposuction – Maybe diet and exercise is a healthier option.
  4. Second Toe Knuckle Reduction – It could be real, you don’t know!
  5. Adam’s Apple Shaving – HOLY CRAP!!!

Top Five Overrated Musicals

  1. Pick any one.
  2. See #1
  3. See #2
  4. See #3
  5. See #4

Top Five Overrated Foods

  1. Lobster – Not even CLOSE to crab legs.
  2. Liver – Um, yes, I’ll have the pool filter with a side of sewage.
  3. Baked Beans – Gag reflex – 9.85.P1-BC851_FISHBA_DV_20111006184019
  4. Kimchi – Have you ever smelled this?
  5. Gefilte Fish – Fish in a Jar…enough said.

Top Five Overrated Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Beer – Sorry, any drink you have to get used to, bleh.
  2. Whisky – Colored rubbing alcohol.
  3. Everclear – Time to die.
  4. Cotton Candy Vodka – How dare you!
  5. Schnapps – Unless you are 19 and in the mountains – gross.

Top Five Overrated Fashion Trendstoeshoes

  1. Toe Shoes – If you have to ask why, you are part of the problem!
  2. Jorts – Jean shorts, enough said.
  3. Puka Shells – I don’t remember them, but I’ve heard they are awful.
  4. Dolphin Shorts for Men – No one wants to see your Cornish game hen!
  5. Mandals – Sandals for men, gross, gross and GROSS!

Top Five Overrated Concepts

  1. Intelligent Design – Nice try, we’re not putting your religion in schools.
  2. Global Warming – Still not buying it.
  3. Anti-Vaccination Parents – It’s called “research” you should try it sometime.
  4. The Bible Code – Well they did use a PowerMac to write it…
  5. Slapstick Comedy – Can’t write a good joke, how a bout a pie to the face.

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