“Hang in there, baby!” The ultimate motivational poster from the 1970s: we’ve all seen it, and we all hate it! Oh, you’d better hate it or you have some serious self-esteem issues! Well, we’ve come a long way since that stupid feline poster. hang-in-there Today we have memes, posters, placards, Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, e-mail. There is a veritable endless cornucopia of choices for dullards to post someone else’s words to get across the most moronic and simplistic of ideas.

Instead of these lard lesions actually trying to put pen to paper (fine, fine—fingertip to keyboard) and write something themselves, they take the dim-witted idea(s) someone else came up with and give it a thumbs up. This can be explained with a simple algorithm: (M2 x D3) – Ir/HTBP. If you don’t understand string theory, here is what it means: Morons squared times Dullards cubed: subtract the value of Irritation: divide by advanced hypertension blood pressure.

“Live your life and forget your age.” Yes, excellent advice: forget your mortgage, car payment, health insurance, job responsibilities, your awesome Haywood Wakefield collection, and, most importantly, the daily feeding of your beloved sea monkeys. This is why I absolutely loathe these dim-witted dictions of supposed motivation. They are so utterly moronic in nature that even the dust that is Amelia Earhart’s skeleton could put together a more cohesive sentiment. Sea_Monkeys

There is no reason for anyone to think the world needs to see who they support, what church they go to, where their sticky children go to school, what they think about politics, or what other mode of transportation you imagine is in your garage. Why do these speculum salads think it’s a good idea to put a bumper sticker on their cars? Great, you like prunes wrapped in sharp cheddar cheese served on dried tofu. NO ONE CARES!

If you are on Facebook, you have undoubtedly been assaulted with the deluge of memes that people feel they absolutely MUST share so you know what they think. Once again, NO ONE CARES! Stop posting someone else’s sense of humor, religious viewpoint, philosophical leanings or sarcastic quips. If you must, please email them directly to your friends. There is no reason to put your retarded IQ on display for all to see (and judge). Oh, and we are judging!

“A woman’s work is never done.” Oh, thank you so mstick_figure_familyuch, Dolly Dink, for those words of wisdom overlaid on a picture of a woman having a drink. It’s not clever! Writing something original is clever. Writing an essay on ancient Sumerian tablets and reading them in their original script—now that’s clever! And for that you get credit. You DON’T get credit for saying, “Oh, look what someone else did. This is how I feel.”

So people, please, please STOP posting someone else’s words. There is enough garbage on the world wide ultra-web without it being cluttered with reposts of a repost of a repost that you saw on someone else’s Facebook feed that they copied from something they saw on IMGUR!

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    I’ll never understand the mentality of “THE SHEEPLE”……

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