1. Flat billed baseball hats – Douchey McNugget says what?justin-bieber-hat
  2. Weeds vs. Grass – Come on geneticists get it together!
  3. People who hold their nose when jumping in a pool – Unless you are three years old learn how to hold your breath!
  4. People who use a finger when they read – Okay really how unbelievably dumb are you?
  5. Guys with the first name of Shannon! – I’m guessing your mom REALLY wanted a girl.
  6. Background dancers for singers – The more dancers you have, the worse your singing is. It’s a very simple algorithm. Log log, algorithm, log, log.
  7. Neck tattoos – Not sure why, I just do.
  8. Borat – Holy crap how does anyone find this guy funny?
  9. Slapstick comedy – Oh look a prat fall, ugh!
  10. Musicals – I would rather wear Ben-Gay infused underwear.
  11. Guys with “Latitis” – You’ve seen them, the guys whose lats are so huge they simply cannot put their arms down.neck_tattoo
  12. My younger self – OH he just makes me feel bad about myself now!
  13. “That Ah-Ha Moment” – Really this is the best phrase you can come up with?
  14. “As a parent…” – Because people who don’t have kids could care less when a child is murdered.
  15. French manicured toenails – Gross!
  16. Gum
  17. Baked beans, refried beans, basically any bean that looks like it belongs in the toilet NOT the kitchen!
  18. People who stand WAY too close to you at the market – Would you like me to write my PIN number down for you or are you more comfortable looking over my shoulder and getting it yourself?possum
  19. Selfies – Migraine inducing name, ax to the face inducing action!
  20. Girls Softball Parents – So the coach came into the stands and stabbed you in the neck with a ballpoint pen, get over it!
  21. Opossums/Possums/Large Rats or whatever they’re calling themselves these days – SOOOO disgusting.
  22. Tattooed people who say they get their tattoos for themselves but ONLY wear clothes that display them for EVERYONE else – LIARS!
  23. Vampire and Zombie movies – ENOUGH already!jenny_m
  24. Car commercials. Holy crap how long have they been using the EXACT same template?
  25. Ventriloquists – Seriously how is this still a thing?
  26. “Affluenza” – Gee I wonder if the Judge was paid off?
  27. The Cowardly Lion – I realize I’m 75 years late, but man he was annoying!
  28. Anti-Vaccination parents – You shouldn’t be allowed to breed.
  29. Ape Hangers – No blood in my arms, seems like a perfect way to ride!

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  1. Silly Man!

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