We’ve all heard the term “hate crime”, but have we ever stopped to actually think what this term means? I, for one, don’t think we have. Because the reality is that these laws put a greater emphasis on the same crime dependent upon the intent of the criminal. For example if a group of white supremacists beats to death a person of color KKK(e.g., black, brown, purple and those gross green ones) is it any worse than if they did the same to a pale soulless ginger? I say no it isn’t. They committed murder and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Then, of course, tortured live on television. They should either be pulled behind a truck on a sandpaper road soaked in Sriracha or have all of their organs harvested sans anesthesia with a toothpick and tweezers. I like to give people choices so they don’t feel forced into something they aren’t comfortable with.

Giving someone extra prison time for the killing of one person over another is basically saying one person’s life is more valuable than another’s. Why should they get 20 years in prison for killing a white person but 45 years for killing a black person? It’s the exact same crime! Giving a longer sentence for a “hate crime” is nothing short of a racist act masquerading as a law of compassion. deathrace6It’s putting one-person’s life ahead of and more valuable than another’s. Guess who else did this? Yes, Death Race 2000! I’ll have to ask Sly just how many points you get for a mother with 2 children, three ducks and a cross eyed-baby llama?

I think the only reason we have “hate crimes” is because a few politicians wanted to garner more votes. What other logical reason would there be for creating a law whereby one persons life value is worth more than another’s? If we are going to do this we need to come up with a list of values placed on all members of society. tomAnd I’m not going to touch that because, well you know why – because everyone’s life is worth the same. Okay not everyone’s, there is simply no way you can say that any of the cast members of “The Real Housewives of” anything lives are worth the same as Tom Waits. They aren’t!

Having hate crimes as actual laws is almost as bad as affirmative action. It’s not as bad because someone convicted of a hate crime actually did commit a crime, whereas affirmative action only promotes people who don’t deserve it. I propose that we do away with any hate crimes because they are simply racist. Why is it that we haven’t heard ANYONE state this most obvious of facts? Most likely it’s because no one wants to appear soft on crime or, shockingly, racist, which as we now know is exactly what these laws are. I would LOVE to debate anyone on this subject, if there is anyone who reads this and takes an opposing view PLEASE contact me!!!carrot-top

Let me paint a picture for you and I’ll let you decide if you think it sounds fair. A roving gang of pale gingers beat up a young black man while screaming racial slurs at said young man. They are all arrested and charged with attempted murder and a hate crime. Conversely, we have a group of black gang bangers beat up a young white man while NOT screaming racial epitaphs. What is the difference? Is it because of the words being hurled during the beating? Do you think either victim was paying attention to the speech during the punches, the kickings, the stabbings and of course the skin piercing bullets? Neither victim deserved it; neither victim is a more valuable human being. swimmingYet with the hate crime we have automatically put a greater value on the life of one victim over the other. Shameful! So how about we take these laws off the record books and get back to what is important in this country – making fun of Shia LaBeouf, eating cheese and of course synchronized swimming.


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