I’ve been putting off writing this article for quite some time, not because I don’t have much to say about God but because I have too much to say and don’t want to this turn into a 7,536 page tome.

I will try, and probably fail, to look at the facts clearly and without any bias or prejudice on one side or the other. To accept the fact that there is a God is to accept an idea on pure faith alone. No one can argue this point. There is simply nothing else in the human consciousness that we as a society accept, or reject, with absolutely no proof at all. Hell, even the UFO phenomena has some proof, sketchy as it may be. And no I am not talking about ol Skeeter being “taken” and anally probed by space aliens who flew hundreds of light years to get here only to end up with a hillbilly from Arkansas.

The Greeks and the Romans also believed, with faith and no proof, in the idea of deities. Even though it was a polytheistic form of religion it was still belief in a higher power(s). In today’s “modern” society all we have done is rolled up all the past Gods into one tight religious cigarette and inhaled the smoke of monotheism, same story, less actors.

What proof do we really have of this almighty God? Well, none. I’m sorry to say but there really isn’t any. Not the Torah, not the Bible, not the Quran, hell not even the church of Euthanasia can bring forth one shred of provable data. I know a lot, A LOT, of people who like to point to the Bible as proof of God. But come on people it was written by men, edited by men, and put together by men. No divine intervention, no hand of God, no external influences whatsoever. If in fact this book was truly the WORD OF GOD, why then do so many people pick and choose what they will follow and what they won’t? This isn’t a cafeteria where you get to put what you like on your plate and leave off what you don’t, nothing quite like a salad bar religion. Shouldn’t these people follow the entire word of God not just what they feel like on any given day of the week?

The council of Nicaea in A.D. 325 voted on what books were to make up the Bible. This is a fact and yes it’s true. They voted what books were in, and what books were out, to make up the current Holy Bible. They also voted on the actual date of Easter, yup that’s true too, they voted on the true nature of Jesus, if he was the literal Son of God or if he was a figurative son. Constantine wielded a lot of power, and his decisions have had repercussions on the entire Christian doctrine. How can man simply vote on what God has decreed? How does this not bother those who believe? Aren’t they concerned what was in the books that didn’t make it in the Bible?

Unfortunately today’s organized religions have turned into nothing more than a smorgasbord of religious dogma. People belly up to the bar and take what they like and leave behind what they don’t. “Sorry folks but the Moose out front should have told you”. The only logical conclusion is that these people in fact DO NOT believe it is the word of God, for if they did would they choose to ignore his word? Methinks not.

If we are all of God’s children and we were created in his image to be his chosen children, I say what the hell is wrong with this masochistic creator! Seriously the only people who treat their children this poorly end up in jail or in the electric chair. And please don’t give me that absurdly ridiculous argument of “well, we can’t know God’s ultimate plan”. Bullshit! What plan is it that allows for innocent children to be abused, raped or killed. What kind of “Father” would allow his child to be born with a debilitating physical or mental disability? To only suffer their whole lives in pain and torment. Nope, sorry no ultimate plan there. Really if this is a plan I would like to have a little chat with the almighty (obviously he hasn’t heard that carbs need to be cut down) for allowing such atrocities to exist! Not only a chat but honestly I would like to punch him square in the face! To allow the suffering of innocents is not a plan, it simply is the way things are. If you pray to this malevolent God you are praying to an evil, evil entity. I know for some this is sacrilegious to say or write, but it’s a painful truth that people need to face.

I’m sure each of you has had experiences to question the validity of a supreme being. Obviously I have. I have had a number of events in my life that absolutely made me face the fact that the God we were told of as children surely does not exist anymore than Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. But at least those three are purely innocent, something which children should believe in for long as possible. Unlike someone who tells you “if you don’t believe in me, you will burn in the eternal flames of hell for all eternity”. Mmmmmmm compassion!

Would you like an example culled directly from the bible? Too bad you are getting one! Everyone knows the story of Cain and Able, basically it is about two brothers vying for God’s attention. Cain, a crop farmer, and his younger brother Abel, a shepherd, Cain is portrayed as sinful, committing the first murder by killing his brother, after God rejects his offerings of produce but accepting the animal sacrifices brought by Abel. Crazy. Right? God rejects produce from Cain but rather accepts Abel’s sacrifice of animals. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He prefers a psycho killer to a hard working farmer. So basically God (the father) plays favoritism with the third and fourth humans to exist in this crazy fairy tale! The almighty whom we have been told is so benevolent, actually drives a man crazy by loving one brother over another. And since God knows all, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing to this poor chap.

Do you believe God was looking down from his/her high perch when millions of innocent Jews were slaughtered in the Nazi concentration camps? Do you think he was watching as Pol Pot killed millions of his own people in Cambodia? What about the 250,000 people who perished from the 2004 tsunami? Perhaps he was enjoying some baked Cheetos and a football game when 66,000 people died horrifically at Hiroshima. These are but a drop in the proverbial sea of human depravity that has occurred over the millennia, and you may notice I have not included the day-to-day atrocities that happen all around us i.e., some selfish asshole drunk driver takes out an entire family while he walks away completely unscathed, a sub-intellectual, shallow gene pool redneck who beats his wife and kids, or perhaps a few thugs who beat up a kid because they think he is gay, how about the beautiful girl in the prime of her life being struck down by a brain tumor. Do you need me to continue!

I simply am not one to make this astronomical leap of faith and say that a wonderful man with a flowing white beard sits upon a throne and watches over us. Nay, I say there is no almighty God who has the interests of the human race in his heart. You simply cannot make an argument for this type of magical creature. This hurdle is entirely too far for me to clear, I cannot give up all semblance of intelligence and logic to believe in the flying spaghetti monster.

So does God exist? I have to say no, the guy we all see who is glowing white and dressed in flowing robes may simply be some homeless guy who wandered too close to Three Mile Island!


  1. You say you’re going to explore the idea from both sides in the first paragraph and then spend the rest of the blog denouncing the existence of A God. Idiots like you are polluting the internet. Thanks for wasting my time.

    • Timmy, while your retort is filled with facts and logic countering my article, oh wait…

      • I posted a comment containing some logic and facts and you deleted it as I suspect you may do again now.

    • Timmy,

      First of all, the Angry Jew (A.J.) made reference to that in the second paragraph, not the first. Furthermore, in that same sentence he admits that he will probably fail, so what were you expecting? Try paying a little more attention to detail next time.

      You obviously read the article with an objective in mind and then complained that A.J.’s opinions weren’t the same as yours. Whether you agree with him or not, at least give him credit for writing this article with both intellectual and comical finesse. You on the other hand offered the retort of a second grader. Good luck progressing to the third grade.

  2. Very well thought out article. Very well presented and completely logical. Well done!

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