Does anyone still believe that the Global Warming (GW) scam is real? As the doubting Thomas that I am I NEVER believed it to be true. Why? Well to start with the earth is ~4.5 billion years old and the data we have on global temperatures is ~200 years old. So how the hell can anyone say they have ANY idea what is going on with weather trends? Ocean-BucketIt’s like looking into a bucket of ocean water and deciding that there are no biological life forms in the oceans.


  • 1934 – hottest year on record
  • 2006 – largest sea ice extent in Antarctica
  • 2011 – all seven glaciers on Mt. Shasta are growing
  • From 2008 to 2011 arctic ice is THICKENING
  • 2009 – largest glacier in Argentina is advancing
  • Antarctic sea ice up 4.7% since 1980
  • 2008 – Glaciers in the Western Himalayas ABOVE its 30 year average
  • From 1986 – 2000 average temperature in Antarctica has dropped 1.23 degrees Fahrenheit per decade.
  • List of growing glaciers:

Okay, there is a TITTON of facts that dispel the Global Warming theory but I would rather rant than repeat facts that ANYONE can look up, mmmmmm the Uber-Slice.

macrameThe question one has to ask is why on earth are so many people on board with the GW doctrine? I’ll tell you why, it’s the MONEY! You can bet your macramé plant holder, earth shoe wearing, COEXIST bumper sticker asses it is. What’s the next logical question? Who is making money off of these lies? Well let’s see… who is one of the owners of the company that gets paid for “Carbon “Credits”? Al Gore, that’s who! If you don’t believe me look it up, god bless the ultra-web and its instantly available information database.

And what the hell ever happened to all those “scientists” who just made up data regarding global warming? Where are all the exposes’? Why hasn’t there been a public outcry against this scientific scandal? It’s like a pharmaceutical company coming out with news that they have a cure for cancer, gets the government to fund them, convinces doctors everywhere to use their drugs, persuades the media to report on it every single day, and then POOF it turns out the pills are just purple Trix. COME ON! Why is no one upset over this? Damn hippies.Trix_Bowl

Say, I have an idea, let’s convince the world there is a pill you take once a week that will make you taller, faster, decrease body fat, turns you into a world-class chef, lets you taste colors and gets rid of wrinkles. Then we hire a few “scientists” to put together some research papers loaded with double speak, invented statistics and shiny graphics. Now we hire a few doctors to quote that paper as fact. And VOILA, we are in business. Next, we get a sugar manufacturer to produce hexagonal shaped pills and sell them for $3.50/pill. Then we donate 1 cent of every bottle (NOT every pill) to some made up foundation that provides giraffes with bi-focals so we appear philanthropic. I can hear my own private island calling and its name is “Keep Out”!

Sounds kind of implausible doesn’t it? Well that is EXACTLY what has happed with the GW scam. And yet people still buy into its doctrine; IDIOTS! Global Warming is a crock, and not the delicious kind in the kitchen of an Italian cook. It snowed in May 2013 in Arkansas, the very first time since records started being kept in 1819 – THE FIRST TIME! And I guarantee you the GW believers will use this data as evidence that GW is real. Yes they say the heat AND the cold are both symptoms of world wide global warming. Oh sorry now it’s referred to as “Climate Change” because it turns out the globe is not warming. dunesYou can’t have it both ways, the earth is heating up or it is cooling down, both extremes CANNOT be blamed for the same phenomena. That’s as moronic as saying the noontime sun is the cause of darkness in the Mojave Desert.

Earth Day. Does this dumb idea bother anyone else? It really chafes my hide when this overblown supercilious made up Kumbaya event happens. Just how pretentious are you to think we have any impact on the earth whatsoever? For the sake of argument, let’s say that Vladamir Putin decides to jump off his rhinoceros, puts his shirt back on and launches every single nuclear bomb in his arsenal. In turn Dick Cheney, oh you know he never gave back the launch keys, launches all of ours. The world is obliterated to a glowing slag of radioactive magma. In time the earth will heal itself and life will return, it may not be humans, I’m hoping it will be some sort of intelligent koala bear population. How cute would that be!? hipsterpix4Humans will never be remembered and the earth will survive and flourish. Granted it may be millions of years but it will happen. Now let’s flash back to the current earth day celebration and the whiny flower children telling us to respect mother earth and stop wearing deodorant. Gross.

The human race may eventually leave this planet and explore the cosmos or it may become extinct like the Lilliputians before us. It’s hard to say. What’s not hard to understand is how little impact our existence will actually have on the Earth. That’s not to say we should all start throwing our litter into the streets. We should try to make our stay here as pleasant as possible. So how about we stop with the “Mother Earth” crap and start showing some common decency to our fellow inhabitants of this delicious planet.

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  1. I’m writing my response with a heavy heart. This is actually DIFFICULT for me. I am a huge champion of the Angry Jew. I’ve enjoyed many a blog… I myself am a skeptic of all things and I usually find comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in the world of “trust nothing, ask questions”. However, I was stunned when this post had no punchline. I actually sat with my mouth open… wondering… what???

    I’ve come to know my favorite Angry Jew as an extremely smart guy. I can’t just ignore this as I do the rantings of middlers who know near nothing about their topic. I find myself questioning my own logic because of my respect for the almost always logical Angry Jew. So… as I write this, I hope you won’t be offended. I hope that you’ll know that I am a concerned supporter who isn’t trying to belittle…

    Every single bullet point… every one of them… is either wrong or a misunderstanding of the science. (ugh, this is painful) There are REALLY REALLY important inaccuracies listed in your article…

    I’m sorry to say that most of this article is based on a misunderstanding of the difference between Climate and Temperature. I personally witnessed the largest expansion of a glacier on my front porch back in December, right here in Plano… but we know that overall, things are getting hotter. We have an an unusually mild Spring here in North Texas, but we know that overall things are getting hotter. “Global Warming” has evolved into “Climate Change” because #1 we didn’t realize how much Co2 the oceans could absorb and #2 it causes abnormalities in cold, drought, floods, hurricanes… BUT WE KNOW THAT OVERALL THINGS ARE GETTING HOTTER!!! LOL… I’m sorry… this actually hurts me to write. We have a NORTHERN PASSAGE where ice used to be!!! It’s certainly not getting thicker or larger.

    I don’t want to explain, bullet point by bullet point, every false claim in this article. I really don’t. And, you’re so smart that I don’t think I’ll have to… I actually do think that this epiphany is on your horizon. But lets just boil it down to “SIMPLE”. It is a FACT that Co2 is a greenhouse gas. It is a FACT that greenhouse gasses cause the climate to rise. It is a FACT that MAN has caused the amount of Co2 in the air to spike since the industrial revolution. Do we need to know anything else? Those FACTS are simple enough for us to teach our children…

    As I write this… I am still hoping for the punchline. I’m hoping for the “just kidding” to happen. But if it doesn’t happen… please realize that Climate Change isn’t a political issue. I would ask you to take your own advice and ask yourself “who is making money off of these lies”? How do scientists ALL OVER THE WORLD, make money off of “Carbon Credits” in America? Norwegian scientists don’t care about Al Gore. Thousands and Thousands of peer-reviewed papers have been written on the harsh realities of Climate Change… they’ve been written by Scientists in 100 countries… men, women, conservatives, liberals, skinny, fat, rich, poor… they’re IN NO WAY making money off of their papers or reviews. They don’t all benefit from our College System… they aren’t all living off of American Grants… THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR POLITICS. They are dating ice, mud and coral reefs and they’re double-checking their numbers with other sciences (geologists, archaeologists, meteorologists) and their predictions are largely SPOT ON!!! Yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow the money… because Oil Companies in America are the richest and most powerful entities in the world. Theirs is the most powerful lobby in Washington. THEY make money by spreading misinformation about Climate Change.

    I’m sorry. Ugh… I’m still a huge fan of the Angry Jew. I just hope he does more peer reviewed research.

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