This egomaniacal mantra has taken on a life of its own in recent years, it’s not as catchy as “I Like Ike”. But then again it’s coming from those who cannot conjugate their verbs. Apparently no one has told these stale Tater Tots that respect is earned, it is NOT given away like chlamydia at the Delta house. “You WILL respect my author-a-tie!”

It seems as though the rallying cry for so many people is “I Felt Disrespected”. This is the reason why they attacked someone at WalMart, why they sucker punched an old man who asked them to use an inside voice at the movie theater, stabbed a girl in the neck for giving the stink eye, or the ubiquitous Fire In The Hole treatment.

I’m guessing it is the parents who are to blame. “Oh Shirley you are simply the best at everything you do and the world owes you.” Sorry my little cheese encrusted tilapia but the world owes you NOTHING! You are a spoiled little gnat who needs a large heaping tablespoon of ass kicking reality. You are not special, you are not talented, you are not good looking and honestly you are about 3 I.Q. points away from having to wear a bicycle helmet in public!

Respect is something earned by one’s actions, manners, words, or treatment of their fellow human beings. But these aforementioned hemorrhoidal flare-ups think the world should treat them with respect regardless of their abhorrent behavior or their back talking, single syllable, oozing, cold sore infected mouths!

When you treat someone with dignity and respect it should be returned in kind. A very simple premise isn’t it? Unfortunately though most people want to be treated with respect without showing the same to others. That’s just not the way it works BriTTanae, EVERYONE needs to step up and realize when you treat others with rudeness and vulgarity that is EXACTLY what you will receive in recompense.

It used to be that this Neanderthal like trait was limited to the “I drive a HUGE truck, look at my pit bull, my stupid truckers hat”, over compensating dill weed. Now, however, women are displaying this ridiculous over the top reaction. “Oh no she didn’t”, oh lord please shut your grammatically incorrect mouth Mrs. Muffin-Top, Jort Wearing, French Manicured TOE nails, White Sunglass donning stuffed bean burrito!

Accidentally bumping into someone is no reason to start a fight. It should never lead to eye-gouging, hair pulling, hydrofluoric acid throwing or throat punching. 99.999% of the time it was an accident, a simple “Oh, I’m sorry” SHOULD calm the situation down. But when you have two people who are all attitude and no substance you instantly have a John L. Sullivan-esqe boxing match, just add water!

Look Greg we are all sorry you were born with a 2.75 inch penis, but don’t over compensate by trying to be the toughest guy in the room. You aren’t. More than likely it’s the guy in the corner who happens to know 123 different ways to choke you out with two fingers and some dental floss in his pocket. The Golden Rule, in case you don’t remember is; “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” Learn it, Live it, Love it, no shirt, no shoes, no service!


  1. Wow scarey looking dudes you found a picture of Wow! You said it all!

    • And by scary do you mean “douchie”?

      • Too many people are afraid to speak the truth. I am seriously concerned for my children’s future. Keep preachin’ dude. Keep Preachin’!

        BTW, Shabbat Shalom

  2. Cheese-encrusted tilapia? Oh, no, you di-int!

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