1. Fast talkers – Holy mother of chocolate Jesus what the hell are you saying?
  2. People who wear pajamas in public – Are you kidding me? Have you completely given up on life?
  3. Ear hair – If anyone needs proof of evolution here it is!
  4. Wine – Just because I want to like it but unfortunately I don’t. Dang!edith-ann1
  5. Government subsidies – ENOUGH!!!!!!
  6. Skits or shows where adults act like kids – Twas horrific when Lily Tomlin did it and it’s only gotten worse since then.
  7. “Empower” – If you need to be “empowered” you need to point at the person responsible for your failures in the mirror.
  8. Car exhaust is 14% CO2, human breath is 4.5% – Just thought you should know if people would breathe less global warming could be curtailed.
  9. Tom Green – Seriously, why is he?
  10. Kit Kat commercials – Snap Snap Crunch, punch, punch, punch!
  11. The people at the gym who don’t get off the cardio machine that clicks 67 times a minute – how the hell do you not hear that?!?!?!
  12. Project Runway – I detest EVERYTHING about this “show!”
  13. Grocery store vegetables – Seriously is there ANY flavor left in them? LIARS!eyebrows
  14. Cross Fit Fanatics – I know a good orthopedic surgeon when you need one. And you will!
  15. The fact that I can’t speak Latin – Damn it!
  16. Anyone over the age of 5 that says “Besties” or “BFF” – Are you mentally retarded?
  17. People – Third time making my list!
  18. Drawn in eyebrows – Do you not own a mirror?
  19. When I agree with something Bill O’Reilly says – He’s SUCH a tool!
  20. The Ferguson protestors – Algorithm #1 – Charge a cop – get shot.
  21. Jimmy Carter – Yes, that anti-Semite still gets under my skin!
  22. People who pop their gum – what are you a $1.37 streetwalker?ferguson-protests-friday-eve-.n
  23. The people at the market that leave their carts in the middle of the aisle – Oh I WILL demolition derby your cart out of the way!
  24. The fact that we don’t kill animal abusers – YES! I want this to happen.
  25. Outspoken vegans – Oh sorry that’s redundant.
  26. The fact that I can’t eat the things I used to – Stupid ageing!socks_no_shoes
  27. Gamer – You’re not a “Gamer” you’re a 37 year old man-child that still plays video games.
  28. Guys who don’t wear socks with loafers – Really? Loafers!
  29. “Cool Beans” – It makes no sense and the people that use this phrase should be forced to clean a Taco Bell bathroom with their tongues.
  30. “Haters” – Oh you don’t agree with me you MUST be a hater!
  31. Bjork – Okay I really can’t tell if I like or hate her…?
  32. Musicals – Unless it’s the Rocky Horror Picture Show it’s abhorrent.
  33. Wearing shorts over tights – Superfluous, that is all. Oh and you look ridiculous!
  34. Cars that look like ATM’s – Let me guess the designer went to the Evelyn Woodhead School of Designing Things.Minivan
  35. The WAY over the top hugging and fake affection at the end of Saturday Night Live – Imagine if all workers did this at the end of the day for doing their jobs!
  36. White framed glasses – In case you haven’t seen them, I envy you!
  37. Greg

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