American celebrities have turned into one of the most spoiled, un-educated, myopic, self-aggrandizing groups of people in the world today. There I said it!
The advent of instant communication (the World Wide Interslice) has made the world smaller and much more intertwined than ever before. At the same time, it also holds up a 100X magnifying glass to ones thoughts, actions, and words – not to mention the plethora of skeletons in the closet. Just ask Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Britnney Spears, Paris Hilton, Winona Ryder, Pee Wee Herman, Robert Downey Jr., George Michael, Andy Dick…..well you get the picture.

This ongoing need of celebrities to have their fragile egos continually stroked is a clear sign of a weak and troubled mind. Whether it’s positive or negative press, it seems as if these celebrities, quasi-celebrities, and skanks famous for… well…nothing, don’t care as long as their name(s), or applicable coochie, are in print.

Celebrities who find it necessary to force their high school equivalency level political viewpoint onto the rest of us is about as annoying as the song “What I Like About You.” Insert Comic Guy voice here – “Worse song EVER!” No one cares whom you are supporting in the upcoming election. We don’t necessarily want to vote the same way as you. We have minds of our own.  We can read for ourselves and – once again – decide for ourselves –  which lying politician we think will cheat us the least.

These celebrities more than likely have not been to college: Jodi Foster, James Franco, Hermione Granger, and of course Dora the Explorer excluded. I’m guessing most of these people probably didn’t pay too much attention in high school. Sorry there Stanislavski but drama classes don’t count! So basically their opinions are worth about as much as single ply wet toilet paper after lunch at a D-Rated roach coach.

If any of these celebrities want to vote in a certain way – great – vote that way. But don’t preach to us what it is – we don’t care. Get off your pyrite plated high horse and admit that global warming is a farce! We are all impressed that you drive a Prius, wear white socks with mandels, feed endangered tree mites, and perhaps even tip your illegal immigrant housemaid an extra $20 for cleaning the toilets. But don’t act like you understand the political machine, the IMF, Ecuadorian horse mating, three-card Monty, or the hotly contested issue of dwarf tossing – you do not!

Worse than these standard off the shelf non-educated celebrities who feel it is necessary to open their mouth(s) and prove their stupidity are the ultra-liberal celebrities who travel to third world countries and cozy up to whatever dictator happens to be in power. Yes I am referring to you Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone, Tim Robbins and even Where’s Waldo. Look,  if you actors think the US is so evil and corrupt then PLEASE leave. Go live in one of those bed-bug infested countries (no NOT New York) and see for yourselves the reality of a slum life existence. Oh, and you should try it without your AMERICAN millions of dollars in the bank. I guarantee not one of them will ever do this. Not one of them would ever leave this country because they make WAY too much money here. So how about you take your hypocritical, hippie-informed, butt-pack wearing, hug a tree whiny butts back to your mansions and SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLES!

Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Nazism; these terms are thrown around today like free condoms at an AIDS benefit. Just because you heard some red-monkey ass talking head on the radio use them incorrectly doesn’t mean you should parrot them to make yourself seem more intelligent than you really are. It’s not working! If you think other countries are doing a better job than the US – fine – move there! If you want to snuggle up to a third world country dictator, great, get the hell out the US and stop taking a payday from the country that you so vociferously denounce – Ass Monkey!

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