Every now and then there is a news story or an article about someone who has done something cruel or painful to an animal. I believe these sub-humans should be permanently removed from the face of the planet. They obviously have innate masochistic tendencies that have no place in a civilized society. It makes me sick whenever I hear of someone who has beaten a dog, harmed a cat, mistreated a horse, or done anything else horrible to an innocent animal. I have no problem saying that if you are such a Nancy Girl that you have to prove your manhood by hurting a defenseless animal than you are not worthy of existing.

Seriously, why should this country put up with these feebleminded cretins that do such detestable things to animals? If they can perpetrate these atrocities upon a defenseless animal then they will have no compunction to stop themselves from doing it against another person or child. It’s like the 5th grade bully who picks on the kids that are smaller than he is solely for that fact alone. I’m guessing that his home life is exactly the same and he is just mirroring his own treatment on those around him. Granted this isn’t the case for all bullies, but I guarantee you if you did a survey most of these guys have a father who is a chicken shit cheese monkey who thinks being a man is “setting your kid straight”. Wait am I getting of target here, sorry. Let’s get back to the aforementioned Nancy Girl who thinks it’s okay to harm animals.

If you are caught, and I hope you are, hurting an animal I think it would be just cause that you lose a few appendages by another animal. Let’s say for instance you have to lose your arm to a crocodile with missing teeth, or perhaps lose a leg to lion who will gnaw on you for a few days. Maybe after that these bottom feeders might learn what it is like to be in the position of the animal they have harmed.

Now I realize that some of the Croq-wearing-tree huggers are are going to say something obtuse like; “isn’t that a bit harsh taking out someone who harms animals”? Well no in fact it is not! Once again I truly believe this country is far too lax on the criminal element. We need to start implementing stronger penalties for those that break the law. No more should we impose longer jail sentences, nay, I say we start hurting people on new and improved game shows like:

No More Balls – Rusty Nail Clipper
Can No Longer Feed Myself – Where Did my Hands Go?
Beat to a Bloody Pulp With Odd Childrens Toys
Eaten Alive by my Own Dogs

There are over 6.7 billion people on this planet, is it really going to matter if we remove some damaged DNA from the gene pool? If you are a bleeding heart, sandal wearing, global warming pundit who thinks all life is sacred and we don’t have the right to play god, then all I can say to you is “too bad”. It’s called evolution, we as a race should evolve to the point where this type of behavior is not tolerated, ever. And if you know the consequences of your actions before you commit them then there is no mercy, it’s off to the croc cage for you. And the rest of us can tune into Fox to watch “When Animals Attack – And WIN!”

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