“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” –  Mahatma Ghandi.ghandi

Yes, I realize this is the third article I’ve written on this subject, but unfortunately, I keep seeing reports of pet abuse. This makes me want to don my hockey mask, fire up the chainsaw, and pay these crusty teabags a visit! Can any of you fathom the sub-basement level of moral turpitude it takes to purposely inflict damage on an animal? I cannot.

I think as a country we MUST start holding people responsible for their horrific actions. If you hurt an animal you should either be put in jail for 23 years or you should have your hands chopped off with a weed whacker dipped in flesh eating bacteria. The laws in this country are not nearly brutal enough to discourage these torpid bipeds from inflicting harm on animals.

whitedreadsDo I think meat is murder? No, I do not. I enjoy eating some animals because, well… some animals are just delicious! I just want to make sure you don’t think I am a disgusting, show your spore-laden toes, Birkenstock wearing, stinky dreadlock sporting, put chlorophyll first, hippy. I am not.  I am, however, a VERY strong believer in treating animals with respect. There is absolutely NO reason to ever mistreat an animal, unless of course you are in the wilderness and Yogi the grizzly bear wants to play a round of mumbley peg with you.yogi

People who abuse, mistreat, starve, torture, or kill an animal just because they can, should be ripped apart from the inside out. They should be put in a human sized microwave oven, which is televised nationally on “Crack, Sizzle and Pop” (why does this sound so familiar?). At some point, we need to start holding these taint turnips accountable for their actions. I say enough of the bleeding hearts leniency, no more candy ass treatment for criminals in this country. Enough is enough! We should punish them, torture and/or kill them. Yes I said it, and yes I believe it.  These people are completely bereft of any sense of morality, and you simply cannot fix that. All the kings horsemen CANNOT put that back together. There is NO reason to keep malformed DNA in the gene pool. It’s like adding manure to bottled water and thinking it’s still drinkable.

Judges in the U.S. have to hear horrific evidence of human depravity and pass sentences on a daily basis. Unfortunately though, they are not handing down rulings that are commensurate with the crime(s). How about we set up prisons that manufacture goods, then send these scab crustaceans there for 20 years with no pay, no rights, no visitation and absolutely no communication with the outside world. That’s the sentence. If they don’t like it, they can opt for the death penalty. If they do choose to go to prison…great. When they are done serving their sentences, before we release them back into society, we remove their hands and feet. So there’s that.puppy

There is no room on this planet for people that abuse animals. Torturing animals is a gateway drug to doing the same to humans, and if you don’t believe that, you are one delusional puppy (he he he). How about we start acting like the premiere evolved species on the planet, and enact some laws that put an end to this behavior. Granted, we aren’t going to stop every case of animal abuse, but you can be damn sure that someone will think twice about beating a dog if he knows there is a weed whacker with his name on it!

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