Yes you read the title correctly. And no I am not currently under the influence of Peyote or any other mind controlling substance. As you will soon see you also will think the same of Mr. Gore when you are done reading this expose!

2000 Al Gore net worth   ~ $1 – $2 Million
2004 Al Gore and David Blood co-found General Investment Management LLP – Company gets paid for Carbon Credits.
2006 An Inconvenient Truth premieres August 31st.
2007 Oscar for documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”
2007 Al Gore wins Emmy
2007 Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize
2007 Al Gore net worth   ~ $120 Million

Did you increase your net worth by over $120 million dollars? I didn’t. It really is a simple equation to success:

• Create business

• Create need for business

• Market business

• Roll in the cash

Seems straight forward enough to me. And let’s face it do you really think good ol Al cares that much about mother earth? Answer – Who Cares! He has a brilliant business plan that is working extraordinarily well.  Instead of vilifying his science, which by now we all know is held together with duct tape, spit and twine, we really should be praising his business acumen. While the rest of us toll away in the salt mines this man created a monolithic empire that makes people feel good about themselves. And that’s a very hard thing to do!

How many other companies do you know that offer you a sense of contribution and well-being. Once again – does it matter whether we agree with the politics or not? No it does not. Does it matter if we care what the Mandle wearing, butt pack donning, smug-holier-than-thou smiling lemmings thinks? No, it does not. When you buy any other product, a fancy new gadget from Apple (mmmmmmmmm technology….), to a brand new riding lawn mower, do you get that smug sense of well being? I don’t and I love Apple and cannot wait to get a riding mower. Not a crappy one either, you know the kind where all the wheels aren’t the same size. One that pulls quite a bit to the left, and it looks like someone tried to seal the gas line with electric tape. Yeah, not that one!

Oh, and Al if you are starting any other business please call so I can get in on the ground floor!

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