1. 100% cotton is actually 75% cotton and 25% natural polymers.
  2. 3 Engineers from JPL scientifically proved that a sandwich cut into triangles taste better than when cut horizontally.Cricket
  3. Detroit has the cleanest tap water in the country.
  4. Crickets are higher in lean protein than chicken.
  5. There is a fourth primary color the human eye can’t see.
  6. 60% bleach and 40% water will clean red wine stain out of carpet.
  7. Cleopatra consumed an average of 2 lbs. of chocolate a day.
  8. In 1975 Jimmy Carter was voted Grand Dragon of his local KKK but turned it down to focus on his presidential campaign.
  9. Nostradamus was an Apothecary before writing his predictions.
  10. The Beatles were recently voted “the most over rated band of all time.”
  11. 3 out of 5 Chinese tattoos don’t say what people think they say.Arsenio1
  12. A live mermaid was spotted and confirmed off the coast of Nova Scotia by over 20 people in 1857.
  13. Jesus was born in June or July.
  14. The bra was originally invented for a heavyset king.
  15. Proportionally Arsenio Hall has the longest index finger in the world.
  16. The doctor who wrote the “vaccines lead to autism” paper lost his license due to faking the data.
  17. Eating cheese releases the same chemicals in the brain as heroin.
  18. The original name for Doritos was “Chipo Triangulo.”
  19. Snow is frozen rain.
  20. If the human body were sold as parts it would be worth $376.83.
  21. The scientific name of a felled tree is “Amputo Degener.”
  22. Tibetan Mountain Beetles taste like chicken doused in Sriracha.
  23. Blonde hair is a recessive gene and will eventually be eliminated from the human genome by the year 2135.
  24. Ford has a car in Europe that gets over 70 miles a gallon.
  25. Hitler had a pet German Shepard dog named Greg.hitler_dog
  26. Today’s college student IQ scores are approximately 27 points lower than students in 1982.
  27. There are 26 different patents for cars that run on water.
  28. A disgruntled editor initially published the comic “Cathy” on his last day of work as a joke.
  29. Of the thousand of products George Washington Carver invented from peanuts, peanut butter was NOT one of them.
  30. Paul Bunyan was based on a 19th century logger who had a tame bison that went to work with him every day for 16 years.
  31. In order to get cancer from Sweet & Low you would have to consume 6,750 packets a day for 325 years.
  32. Dinosaur methane flatulence caused the earth to warm up by .000025°.mime
  33. Blue tattoo ink is the only color that doesn’t break down after a person dies.
  34. For the past 45 years mimes ranked as the #1 most hated “entertainers.”
  35. Before he named it “FaceBook” Mark Zuckerberg considered both “BragBook” and “FaceBrag.”
  36. Slim Jims don’t contain any actual meat products.
  37. It is impossible to hold your breath and do 6 somersaults.
  38. There is a town in France where it is against the law to speak French.
  39. Dogs prefer the color red.
  40. There is an island in the South Pacific that is home to the only known species of miniature flying rats.


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